In a time when the earth was believed to be flat and after a long journey eastwards, young Marco Polo is finally reunited with his father at the court of Kublai Khan. However, just as they are planning their return home, Marco discovers something that changes all his travel plans: His friend Shi La is not an orphan! Her mother, a famous Chinese singer, is still alive. Knowing how it feels to miss a parent, Marco wants to help Shi La find her long-lost mother, and even Luigi overcomes his travel-weariness to help his friend. Together the three of them set out on a journey to exciting new places and fascinating cultures that will soon become another great adventure. They meet the brave soldier girl Mulan, help build the Angkor Wat temple, and participate in an elephant party in the middle of the jungle. On the Indian Ocean they get immersed in a swarm of butterflies and in Egypt they encounter hidden tombs and mummies. Their friendship is tested from time to time, but together they overcome all obstacles. New adventures are waiting – just over the horizon!

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