Eight seasons: four from Vivaldi; four from Piazzolla. This concert takes us on a voyage spanning two centuries and two hemispheres. One of the best-loved works in the classical repertoire, Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons has become hugely popular far beyond the elite circles of music connoisseurs. Its classicism stands in sharp contrast to the urban, stilted atmosphere of Piazzolla’s compositions. Brought together in the same programme, the two works establish a sparkling dialogue. In Vivaldi’s piece, wailing wind and birdsong are represented figuratively – his pastoral work conveys the sounds of nature. In contrast, Piazzolla’s writing is free of the constraints of the Italian composer’s descriptive music. The Argentinian maestro focuses on the feelings and moods of the city, with tango to reflect the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires. The Hong Kong Philharmonic accompanies the outstanding violin virtuoso Henning Kraggerud in this musical confrontation between two masterworks.

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