監製:Simon YU

Engaging in volunteer work helps other people while bringing happiness to ourselves. It can also broaden our social circle, enrich ourselves, and make life more fruitful and meaningful. So why not become a volunteer? Yet, it may not be easy for Hong Kongers, who are burdened with livelihood and lead hectic lives, to spare time and effort to do so.

Still, according to the statistics of the “Volunteer Movement” launched by the Social Welfare Department, there are over 1.3 million registered volunteers up to 2018. In this enormous army of volunteers, many are extremely devoted contributors, with a high number of volunteering hours. Not only are they whole-heartedly committed and persistent, but they also incorporate the spirit of volunteering into their daily lives. To them, volunteering is much more than participating in a “project” or an “event”. How did they come this far from being a “volunteer beginner”? How did they help others help themselves? How did they deal with difficulties and challenges? And what are the beliefs and thoughts that support them to continue being a volunteer?

The programme is an 8-episode series of one-off dramas adapted from real-life cases, featuring characters of volunteers from all walks of life, including university graduates (young people), parents and children, working people (middle-aged taxi driver), professionals (social worker, designer, journalist, etc.), founders of social enterprises, retirees and people recovering from illness (breast cancer survivors, ex-emotionally ill persons). In the form of drama, the mentality of different volunteers will be shown in a meticulous way, so that the audience will be able to have a taste of the sweets and bitters of the volunteers’ lives, and to understand in more detail what “Volunteering – Make a Difference in Life” means.

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