監製:Simon Yu

Work is not only a way to earn a living, but also a means to recognise one’s own abilities, and to realise one’s goals and dreams, so as to make one’s life complete - in today’s civilised society, the right to work is the basic right of each and every person, and persons with disabilities (PWDs) should never be treated differently.

The community has the obligation to provide PWDs with appropriate support in the work environment. “Support” sometimes refers to changing the physical work environment (the provision of barrier-free facilities or tools). However, what is more important is to change people’s ways of thinking, or even the workplace culture (to put aside prejudice and get to know that PWDs are also talented; respect differences and treat others equally with sincerity). Meanwhile, PWDs should improve themselves through continuous self-enhancement, so that they can cope with the market needs.

On that account, persons with disabilities must work together with their accompanying persons in order to improve their employment situation effectively.
The six episodes of the television documentary “Talent-wise Employment 2020” records six stories about the employment of persons with disabilities. Through various features and perspectives, and the real-life experience sharing of the case protagonists and their accompanying persons, we hope to trigger the community’s awareness and discussion on the employment issues of persons with disabilities. During this particular time when the society is facing an economic downturn and increase of unemployment rate, all trades and industries should explore how to walk together with persons with disabilities.

The contents of the six episodes are as follows:

• New operational mindset of social enterprise
• Visually impaired student participates in career planning to prepare for employment
• Employer provides vocational training and job vacancies for the deaf and people with hearing impairment
• Employment and development of highly educated persons with disabilities
• Autistic person overcomes limitations to achieve diversified development
• Employee with disability pursues his / her dream