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    Hong Kong is a fast-paced commercial city. it has frequent businesses and rapid development. Although emerging industries continue to develop, old-style shops still have room to survive and flourish. However, after pandemic in the past three years, some old stores were unable to withstand the torrent of the times and closed down. Fortunately, there are still many old stores that are able to survive with perseverance. Whether it is adding a new meaning or a major innovation, the ancestral business still sticks to it and continues to build on the past. These long-established shops are not only well-known in Hong Kong, but some of them have already gone international and become famous all over the world. They even become check-in hotspots for many tourists. When more tourists come to Hong Kong, visiting classic stores will become a popular activity for tourists. This series of "Hong Kong Stories~ Treasures of Hong Kong" will take you to visit different time-honored restaurants and shops, savor their charms, and how to survive? At the same time, what enlightenment does the persistence of the shop owners bring to the audience?



    Hong Kong is a place where tradition intersects with modernity. It is home to a host of nostalgic snacks that evoke various memories. Founded in 1927, Chan Yee Jai is a near century-old brand specialising in traditional dried fruit and nibbles, and has a reputation for being a maker of “heavenly snacks”. The shop has always insisted on having its products handmade in Hong Kong, with its bean curd roll with shrimp roe being prepared fresh daily. Meanwhile, Dai Foon Hay Bakery, which is located in a village in Tsing Yi, is run by two brothers. To continue their father’s wish of treating neighbourhood residents to the flavours of tradition, they have been working hard to carry on their father’s legacy. The nostalgic, one-of-a-kind glutinous rice cake wrapped in bamboo leaf and duck liver mooncake are only available here.

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