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    A fast moving and topical business and finance show bringing you breaking business and economic news and financial market updates. Presented by former CEO and investment bank global trading head Peter Lewis, with over 30 years' industry experience. Join Peter and his expert guests for analysis and discussion on the day's top business stories live from 8 a.m. to 8.30 a.m. every weekday morning on RTHK Radio 3. We have a podcast to download after the show and you can also listen through the RTHK Radio 3 website live or later in the day. We welcome your questions, comments and feedback to read out in the show. You can email us at moneytalk@rthk.hk, post on our Facebook page "Money Talk on RTHK Radio 3 " or find us on twitter "MoneytalkR3") .



    19/12/2018 - 足本 Full (HKT 08:03 - 08:32)




    Connie Bolland from Economic Research Analysis and Jonathan Garner frm Morgan Stanley


    Left to Right - Andrew Peaple from Wall Street Journal and Enzio von Pfeil, Personal Wealth Advisor


    Peter Churchouse from Portwood Capital and Jack Siu from Credit Suisse


    Douglas Young, Co-Founder of Goods of Desire and Peter Lewis


    John Welsh and Louis Kuijs


    Francis Lun from GEO Securities and Richard Harris from Port Shelter Investment Management


     Anthony Chan of Union Bancaire Privée (Top Left),  Nitin Dialdas from Mandarin Capital (Top Right) and Benjamin Bai, Chief IP Officer for Ant Financial (Bottom)

    Business and Market Discussions / View from Taiwan / Consul General : Ireland

    主持人:Peter Lewis

    China has responded to the US decision to impose further tariffs on Chinese imports with tariffs of its own. It will implement tariffs on $16bn worth of US imports from 23 August, mirroring the US duties. Despite the trade war, China’s export growth beat estimates. Lower volumes to the US were offset by stronger growth to the rest of the world.

    Six members of the board of electric car maker Tesla have confirmed it had "met several times over the last week" to consider Elon Musk’s proposal to take the company private. The statement comes amid mounting questions about the way Mr. Musk chose to disclose his intentions on Twitter and the source of his funding.

    South Korea’s Samsung is to invest $22bn in new technologies including artificial intelligence, 5G mobile, electronic components for automotive cars, and the biopharmaceutical business. The electronics giant says it’s looking for new growth areas, after reporting its first drop in profits for seven quarters.

    Saudi Arabia is to sell all its assets in Canada as the row over Canada’s criticism of the kingdom’s arrest of a women’s rights activist escalates. The Saudi central bank and state pensions funds have instructed overseas managers to dispose of equities, bonds and cash “no matter the cost.”

    Reviewing the latest business headlines on today’s Money Talk are Karine Hirn from East Capital and Independent Analyst, Andrew Sullivan. Providing the view from Taiwan is Taipei-based Political Analyst Ross Feingold. After 8:30, we talk to Peter Ryan, the former Consul General of Ireland to Hong Kong & Macau.


    09/08/2018 - 足本 Full (HKT 08:03 - 09:00)

    09/08/2018 - 8:09 Business and Market Discussion

    Karine Hirn, Partner at East Capital, says that the impact of the US tariffs on China has not yet been fully felt, and so far Chinese exports have held up well.

    Independent Analyst Andrew Sullivan sees Hong Kong in a virtuous circle where new listings attract other IPOs, therefore helping the city become a listing hub for tech and biotech companies.

    09/08/2018 - 8:24 View from Taiwan

    Taipei-based Political Analyst Ross Feingold comments that there is little Taiwan can do to counter the pressure Beijing is putting on international airlines over the status of Taiwan.

    09/08/2018 - 8:35 Consul General : Peter Ryan - Ireland

    Peter Ryan, the former Consul General of Ireland to Hong Kong & Macau, talks about the impact of Brexit and international trade on Ireland's economy.

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