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    主持人:Hugh Chiverton and Nixie Lam

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    Possible housing development closed to the wetland; red tides

    8:30am-9:15am: possible development in the wetland

    8:30am-9:15am: Ryan Ip (in photo), Head of Land & Housing Research, Our Hong Kong Foundation

    8:30am-9:15am: Dr Rita Li, Director of Sustainable Real Estate Research Center; Associate Professor, Department of Economics and Finance, HK Shue Yan University

    8:30am-9:00am: Albert Lai, Director, Conservancy Association

    9:15am-9:30am: red tides

    9:15am-9:30am: Ho Kin-chung, Chairman, Association on Harmful Algal Blooms in South China Sea; Honorary Professor, Department of Geography, HKU 

    On Thursday’s Backchat, we’re talking about the prospect of housing construction in areas surrounding Hong Kong’s wetlands.

    The Development Secretary, Michael Wong, said this week that the administration would consider loosening restrictions in the 1,000 hectares of buffer zones surrounding the Deep Bay Wetland conservation area in the northern New Territories. He said their development potential had to be considered, and a panel within his bureau would examine whether plot ratios in the areas could be increased.

    But the statement draw a backlash from environmentalists. Green groups said allowing higher-density development would affect the whole wetland habitat, as fishponds and wetlands usually provide food and habitat to migratory birds.

    What do you think? Would this be a way to provide much needed new housing? Would the environmental cost be too great?

    From 9:15am-9:30am, we’ll be discussing the increasing number of red tides phenomenon in Hong Kong. 

    05/08/2021 - 足本 Full (HKT 08:30 - 09:35)

    第一部份 Part 1 (HKT 08:30 - 09:00)

    第二部份 Part 2 (HKT 09:03 - 09:35)

    05/08/2021 - Possible housing development in the wetlands

    05/08/2021 - Red tides


    07 - 08


    Ryan Ip, Head of Land & Housing Research, Our Hong Kong Foundation


    Karen Lo, sport and performance psychologist of Inner Edge


    Mark Michelson, chairman, Asia CEO Forum at IMA Asia




    Emigration; DSE results

    主持人:Hugh Chiverton and Nixie Lam

    8:30am-9:15am: emigration

    8:30am-9:15am: Janine Miu, UK Immigration lawyer; and founder of UK Immigration Specialist 

    8:30am-9:15am: John Bacon-Shone, Honorary Professor, Faculty of Social Science, University of Hong Kong

    8:40am-9:15am: Regina Ip, lawmaker, member of the Executive Council; and chairwoman of the New People’s Party

    9:15am-9:30am: DSE results

    9:15am-9:30am: Dion Chen, Chairperson, Hong Kong Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council 

    On Thursday’s Backchat, emigration; and DSE results.

    Recently a great number of residents were seen leaving Hong Kong and emigrating to the UK, as its policy of “leave outside the rules” ended on Monday.

    The policy allows those without a BNO yet to be granted LOTR status at the UK border. They are also allowed to live and work in the country, as well as to apply for a BNO within the UK.

    But Carrie Lam has brushed off recent exodus of residents, saying “every now and then in the history of Hong Kong, there are such emigration trends.”

    The CE added that people make different choices as they enter different stages in their lives, and it is a personal choice for them to emigrate to other countries.

    She said, “but if you really ask me to say something to those who are seeking to emigrate or have already emigrated, I would tell them Hong Kong has a prosperous future.”

    How many are actually leaving Hong Kong? Who is attracted to leave? Why? What are the pros and cons of setting up life elsewhere?

    From 9:15am-9:30am, we’re discussing DSE results, as students this year stand a better chance of getting into local universities, with only 1.4 students fighting for each place.


    22/07/2021 - 足本 Full (HKT 08:30 - 09:35)

    第一部份 Part 1 (HKT 08:30 - 09:00)

    第二部份 Part 2 (HKT 09:03 - 09:35)

    22/07/2021 - Emigration

    22/07/2021 - DSE results

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