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    Business and Market Discussion

    Stock markets in Asia, Europe and the US have fallen sharply on fears that inflation is set to pick up and concerns over high valuations. Some of the biggest falls occurred in Hong Kong, where the Hang Seng dived 2%, and the UK, where the FTSE 100 tumbled 2.5%. In China, the “National Team” appeared to step in during the afternoon session to stabilise the market.

    The latest economic data from the mainland shows inflation on the rise. China's Consumer Price index rose 0.9% y/y in April, a seven-month high. The Producer Price Index climbed 6.8% y/y from 4.4% the previous month, the fastest pace since October 2017. Economists had been forecasting a rise of 6.5%.
    China's mainland population reached 1.41 billion, according to data from the seventh national population census released by the National Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday. The growth of 5.4% since the last census in 2010 was the slowest since the 1960’s. The number of people aged between 15 and 59 dropped nearly 7%, while those aged over 60 was up more than 5%.
    On today’s Money Talk we’re joined by Stewart Aldcroft from CitiTrust, Andrew Freris of Ecognosis Advisory and RTHK’s International Economics Correspondent, Barry Wood

    12/05/2021 - 足本 Full (HKT 08:03 - 08:35)

    12/05/2021 - 8:10am Business and Market Discussion

    Stewart Aldcroft, Chairman of CitiTrust suggests that stimulus cheques and savings has kept the US economy motoring, and people are now spending more due to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

    Andrew Freris, CEO of Ecognosis Advisory thinks that the decline in the birth rate and the ageing population in China will have no adverse effect on the economy if productivity improves.

    RTHK’s International Economics Correspondent Barry Wood thinks that inflation in the US markets will be benign for the time being, but might jump higher in the coming months, leading to a rise in interest rates.


    04 - 05

    Business and Market Discussion

    主持人:Peter Lewis

    Manufacturing in China’s private sector grew at the fastest pace in nearly ten years in August. The Caixin/Markit manufacturing PMI came in at 53.1, compared to 52.8 in July. The survey reported the sub-indices for output and total new orders hit their highest levels since January 2011 and the gauge for new export orders also entered expansionary territory for the first time this year.

    The eurozone has fallen into deflation for the first time in four years. Headline consumer price inflation was minus 0.2% in August, down from an increase of 0.4% the previous month. The slide into deflation increases the pressure on the European Central Bank to provide more support for the eurozone economy.
    In the US, the Institute for Supply Management said its purchasing managers' index rose to 56 in August, from 54.2 the previous month. That was the highest reading since November 2018. New orders surged to the highest level since 2004.

    On today’s Money Talk, we’re joined by David Roche of Independent Strategy, Gavin Parry from Parry International Trading and RTHK’s International Economics Correspondent Barry Wood in Washington, D.C.


    02/09/2020 - 足本 Full (HKT 08:03 - 08:35)

    02/09/2020 - 8:08am Business and Market Discussion

    David Roche, President of Independent Strategy highlights that China pumps money into corporations which helps the PMI survey, but the PMI gauge doesn't reflect rising wealth inequality.

    Gavin Parry, Managing Director of Parry International Trading says that Warren Buffet's investments in Japan are a vote of confidence for the long term prospects of Japan's economy.

    Barry Wood, RTHK's International Economics Correspondent views Tesla's shares price as being in a bubble but he has confidence in the long-term prospects for the electric car industry.

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