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    The police have been accused of mishandling Yuen Long's attack on 21 July. Stephen Lo, the Commissioner of Police, explained that the "delay" was due to insufficient manpower as the force was busy dealing with a protest in Hong Kong Island, as well as three cases of fight and one case of fire in the Yuen Long district.
    Hong Kong Connection's reporters have collected the CCTV footage dated 21 July from different cameras and interviewed relevant persons to reconstruct the attack's timeline and take a closer look at the police's arrangement during Yuen Long's "nightmare".

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    • 7.21 Who Owns the Truth

      7.21 Who Owns the Truth

      A year on from the 7.21 incident, the narrative of what happened that night has morphed from an attack by white-clad men on ordinary people into a violent confrontation between men in white T-shirts and men wearing black.

      Hong Kong Connection reviewed CCTV and online footage from the day to look for clues and track down those captured on film in a bid to understand the truth as they told it.

    • The Tiny Minority of 7 Million People

      The Tiny Minority of 7 Million People

      The National People’s Congress almost unanimously passed the Hong Kong national security law. Beijing said the law would only target a very tiny minority. How would this “tiny minority of 7 million people” cope with the tempest?

    • Days of Isolation

      Days of Isolation

      As Covid-19 continues to spread around the world, Hong Kong’s confirmed cases have reached new heights. Some of the patients have to be quarantined and treated in the hospital. In this episode, we interviewed three hospitalized patients to find out what they went through and how they felt.

    • Complaints Convolutions

      Complaints Convolutions

      In the anti-extradition bill movement , CAPO has received over a thousand complaints. The government has repeatedly stressed it has an effective mechanism to handle complaints against the police. How does the public feel about this mechanism?

    • DSE Delays

      DSE Delays

      Every March, study rooms are filled with students, making the final dash for the Diploma of Secondary Education exam. However, due to a pandemic, this year's study rooms were bolted shut. Repeated delays of the exam aggravated the apprehension of participants this year.
      Sandy Sze was one of them. After classes were suspended at the end of January, Sandy didn’t return to school for more than two months and was deprived of the much anticipated last day of school, her secondary school life ending in a whimper. To encourage the pupils, Sandy’s teacher Klay Chen gave each exam participant a mysterious gift...

    • I’m Stuck at Home Every Day

      I’m Stuck at Home Every Day

      With Covid-19 persisting for months, all schools in Hong Kong have been in lockdown since February. In addition to going to school, special needs children take different types of therapies and training as they spend time with teachers and friends to learn to express themselves, interact with others and manage their emotions.

      But with classes suspended because of the coronavirus, how do special needs students spend their days?

    • On the Coronavirus Front Line

      On the Coronavirus Front Line

      As the novel coronavirus swept across the world in the middle of March, Hong Kong experienced a new wave of local infections from a surge of imported cases.

      Since early February, Eastern Hospital has received a large number of cases from local infection clusters, including the so-called hotpot family and patients who had visited the same Buddhist hall in North Point.

      Since February, Hong Kong Connection has been documenting the coronavirus battle at Eastern Hospital. How did the medical staff across all levels of the hospital deal with their challenges? Hong Kong Connection has been documenting the coronavirus battle at Eastern Hospital. How did they respond to the sudden crisis brought by the coronavirus?

    • Selling Ding Rights

      Selling Ding Rights

      After white-clad people attacked citizens on July 21, some netizens launched an investigation against rural gangsters, including a probe into suspects in the attack allegedly involved in the selling of rights to build small houses.

    • Fragility and Strength

      Fragility and Strength

      After more than half a year of social movement, the emotions of every Hong Kong people, despite their stands and opinions, are close to the brink of collapse. How do they handle the sadness, frustration and anger?

    • The Story of Face Masks

      The Story of Face Masks

      More and more Covid-19 cases are being diagnosed in HK. And the number of suspected local infections is gradually increasing. There may already be invisible transmitters in the community. To prevent infection, HK people are snapping up face masks, transforming them into luxury goods beyond the affordability of impoverished elderlies living alone and tenants in subdivided flats. Others such as cleaners and cross-border drivers can’t work from home. With the current shortage of face masks, they’re exposed to crisis every day.