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    Amid the protracted anti-extradition bill protests has emerged a plethora of online Information. Fact checking became a shared memory this summer. But the gap is increasingly widening between the "truth" in the eyes of "yellow ribbons” and "blue ribbons". In this episode, we enter the information world of the yellows and blues to examine how the two differ.

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    • Patriotism & Education

      Patriotism & Education

      The Education Bureau stresses it’ll reinforce the cultivation of students’ national identity. 23 years after the Handover, what’s being done?

    • Happy Graduation

      Happy Graduation

      Sherry and Joyce graduated from university this year. Due to the pandemic, their time in university ended with a whimper. During the summer holidays, they returned with an older schoolmate, Ah Kiu, to take graduation photos on campus.

    • We Really Love Hong Kong

      We Really Love Hong Kong

      Two youngsters, both born in 1997 just like the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, talk about their love for Hong Kong and how they see the present and the future.

    • Living . Surviving

      Living . Surviving

      As Covid-19 epidemic worsens and the anti-epidemic measures tighten up, online food delivery platforms thrive. Many people have become food couriers. In this episode, we follow a food courier around on his daily routine to take a closer look at the life as well as the struggle of this profession and the society under the pandemic.

    • Who Stole My Summer Vacation II

      Who Stole My Summer Vacation II

      “Who Stole My Summer Vacation II?” series is the summary and update of the journey of the young protesters whom participated in the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill movement in 2019.
      For the whole summer vacation in 2019, most of the youths in Hong Kong were engaged in the protests against the anti-extradition bill. Summer holidays got to end, but the protests do not seem to be ended. How could the youngsters adjust themselves back to the new academic year? And how’s their reflection after one year?

    • Who Stole My Summer Vacation I

      Who Stole My Summer Vacation I

      “Who Stole My Summer Vacation I?” series is the summary and update of the journey of the young protesters whom participated in the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill movement in 2019.
      This episode we interviewed three youngsters aged from 16 years old to 19 years old. They have participated in the major peaceful marches in June, but all have different experiences after the clash on 12th June.
      We captured the kids who even worried to be charged with unlawful assembly at first, but they not afraid to besiege the Police Force Headquarter. How’s the psychological change?

    • The Twelve

      The Twelve

      Twelve Hong Kong people on bail attempted to flee to Taiwan by speedboat were arrested by the Mainland Coast Guard and have been detained in Yantian District Detention Centre in Shenzhen for over 60 days. Their families have been doing everything they can, to make sure that the detainees’ legal rights are being respected while they are being held in custody. They voiced their inner desperate struggles in the interviews.

    • 831 After the Trauma

      831 After the Trauma

      One year has passed since the 8.31 incident. Two students injured in Prince Edward station that night spoke about their experience and the challenges they had faced over the past year.

    • Press Freedom

      Press Freedom

      According to the latest World Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders, Hong Kong has nosedived 10 places to rank 80th in just two years. Similarly, the city's press freedom rating from the Hong Kong Journalists Association hit yet another record low this year, marking the biggest drop since surveys began.
      Media professionals said, the press in Hong Kong is facing an unprecedented storm after the National People's Congress passed a national security law on the city.

    • The Myth of Antiviral Products

      The Myth of Antiviral Products

      Amid the devastation of Covid-19, anti-viral products are rampant on the market. Many items claim to be effective in preventing or even killing viruses. Some are said to be natural and high-tech, can be inhaled safely into the body. How accurate are these claims of efficacy? Are there risks unfamiliar to consumers?