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    If “ Hong Kong Connection ” were a tree, how old would it be? It was on 5 March, 1978 that the documentary series first went on the air in Chinese. As the series continues, its staff are determined to go on uncovering and delving into every local and international topic that concerns the people in Hong Kong, whether it be political, economic, educational, commercial, environmental or technological. A tree plays an important environmental role in refreshing the air that we breathe and holding from the earth on which we stand. It is Hong Kong Connection's mission to provide the public with information and analyses as well as an opportunity for rational discussion. The programme is aired every Thursday evening on TVB Pearl at 19:00-19:30 (3 Oct. 2013 - 27 March 2014)

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    A new era for the Catholic Church in China began when Pope Francis signed off on a historic “provisional agreement” with China over the appointment of bishops. The deal broke a nearly 70-year impasse between Beijing and the Vatican.


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    • The Journey to the Cross

      The Journey to the Cross

      A new era for the Catholic Church in China began when Pope Francis signed off on a historic “provisional agreement” with China over the appointment of bishops. The deal broke a nearly 70-year impasse between Beijing and the Vatican.

    • Bridge Elegy

      Bridge Elegy

      Online scams are rising in number and police and officials regularly warn about the risks and the need to be alert. But those searching for love and romance need to take even greater care as the fraudsters targeting dating sites and social media have perfected their charms, knowing when and how to ask questions to get their way. A lonely person can in such circumstances easily fall prey to a potential suitor who appears attractive, inviting and trusting.

    • Preclamation


      The Lantau Tomorrow Vision was announced and it has aroused social attention. Let us keep record the life of Peng Chau before the plan is launched.

      The Lantau Tomorrow Vision might be the last straw for fishermen. Shing started his fishing career forty years ago and he worries that no more fishing can be done under the project.

      Gary runs a local restaurant in Peng Chau. It is his family business which started in 1970. He was born in Peng Chau and grew up there too. He loves the peaceful and relaxing life there.

    • Choosing the Chief

      Choosing the Chief

      The Rural Representative Election was held in early 2019. Since 2003, the non-indigenous residents were allowed to run the Resident Representatives. The seats are not limited to the non-indigenous residents but also open to indigenous residents who have been lived in the village for over six years. This year, over 600 villages are involved in the election, electing 1540 seats, but many people living in rural villages have no idea about the requirements to be either a candidate, or a voter. The election is said to be lack of transparency after 15 years.

    • Consuming Contaminants?

      Consuming Contaminants?

      Plastic waste is a global problem. The United Nations Environment Programme predicts in the year of 2050, the amount of plastic waste in ocean will swell to a staggering volume of over 10 billion tonnes and surpass the total weight of sea fishes. Researches from international and local scholars already prove that microplastic beads, degraded from plastic waste in ocean, are found in sea water and some seafood, including fishes and shellfishes. Scientists are now focus on how those beads affect us when they enter the human bodies via food chain. As the initiators of all kinds of pollution on earth, will we, the homo sapiens, have a taste of our own medicine?

    • The Search

      The Search

      A search for a missing paraglider revealed that the official search team may need to upgrade their skill sets on utilizing the already widely civil used GPS technology.

    • Sub-fertility Sorrows

      Sub-fertility Sorrows

      Infertility is a growing problem in Hong Kong. The Family planning association says one in six couples in the city suffers from infertility – a significantly increase from 20 years ago, when it was one in 10 couples. What difficulties these couples are facing and how could they seek help?

    • Space Speculation

      Space Speculation

      If house values in Hong Kong have been rising for the past few years, then a bigger surprise would be the price of parking spaces, which have grown much faster than homes in some areas. The car parking space in Ho Man Tin, Kowloon, was sold at 6 million in June. It has become the most expensive parking space in the history of Hong Kong. The sky-high price is comparable to that of residential units.
      What is the reason behind the speculation in the parking spaces? Some investors said that since the Hong Kong government launched heavy stamp duty in property market, the funds were transferred to car spaces. As a driver, our case Mr. Wong said that parking spaces are in tight supply in the territory, and the shortage of private car parking spaces is particularly severe. For instance, he and more than 500 people have to queue up, before dawn to apply for renting monthly private car parking spaces in a government car park every month.

      Last year, the Police have issued 1.84 million "fixed penalty notice" to combat the illegal parking situation. But it seems that the provision of parking spaces is still a problem to the city. It all comes down to supply and demand. Can it be solved with better government town planning?

    • The Star-Crossed Lovers

      The Star-Crossed Lovers

      The love story between Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Liu Xiaobo and his widow Liu Xia was occupied by obstacles. Liu Xiaobo and Liu Xia fell in love in 1989 and they married in a prison cell. Despite years of persecution and isolation, their love endures.
      Liu Xiaobo, was diagnosed with liver cancer while still detained. His last words to his beloved wife is, “Live on well.”
      After years of house arrest, Liu Xia finally liberates from the authority.

    • Creativity, Chinese Style

      Creativity, Chinese Style

      2018 marks the 40th anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening (gaige kaifang) in 1978. Since then, China is an emerging economic power, and Shenzhen "Dafen Oil Painting Village" can be one of the miniatures of the whole development of China. Like most of the world factories in China, peasant-turned oil painters were exploited by entrepreneurs, yet after 40 years of development, they tried to transit from simply making copies of iconic Western paintings to creating their own authentic works of art, emblematic of the journey that China is going through, from ‘Made in China’ to ‘Created in China’. Meanwhile, the story of Dafen also put to light on how the government only focuses on economic development but neglecting human rights and freedom of the citizens while artists would like to fight for freedom of expression and speech with many difficulties.

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