(A) 萬聖節前夕紅粉村因暴風雨令電力中斷,聯歡會更可能因而被取消,紅粉女俠及海盜王彼得決定出手挽救危機,令居民都能愉快過萬聖節。

    (B) 緋緋、彼得、華仔及花花結伴去採摘紅莓,以炮製美味的紅莓奶昔,但卻發現紅莓差不多全被雀鳥吃掉。他們決定製作稻草人以趕走這群不速之客。

    播放頻道: 港台電視31
    播出時間: (首播) 2020年10月25日 星期日 上午9時30分
    (網上重溫) 至 2021年10月24日 星期日 

    (A) A huge storm has knocked out Pinkville's power lines just days before Halloween! It looks like the holiday will be canceled - that is unless Pink-a-girl and Pirate Peter can find a way to save the day! 

    (B) Pinkalicious, Peter, Rafael and Frida are off to collect berries for their homemade smoothies. But when they arrive at the community garden, they find birds have eaten almost all the berries! To keep the birds away, the kids build a scarecrow - but will it be scary enough?

    Channel: RTHK 31
    Time: (First Run) 2020.10.25 SUN 9:30am
    (On-line Catch-up) Till 2021.10.24 SUN 


    • (A) 看不見的樂隊 (B) 緋緋最好的禮物

      (A) 看不見的樂隊 (B) 緋緋最好的禮物

      (A) 紅粉村巡遊舉行當天,銀樂隊的所有隊員卻都身體不適!幸好,緋緋和她的朋友願意代替他們表演。但有一個問題—他們沒有樂器!

      (B) 今天是爸爸的生日,緋緋想送他一份最棒的禮物,但她不知道送什麼好,她決定先由包禮物的花紙開始。可是當爸爸回到家裏時,她還是只預備了花紙。

      播放頻道: 港台電視31
      播出時間: (首播) 2020年10月18日 星期日 上午9時30分
      (網上重溫) 至 2021年10月17日 星期日

      (A) It's the day of the Pinkville Parade and the whole marching band has gotten sick! Luckily, Pinkalicious and her friends eagerly volunteer to perform in their stead. There's just one small problem…they don't have any instruments!

      (B) It's Daddy's birthday and Pinkalicious wants to get him the most pinkatastic gift ever. She just doesn't know what that gift should be … she decides to start with the wrapping paper. But when Daddy gets home, that's all that's done.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2020.10.18 SUN 9:30am
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.10.17 Sun

    • (A) 度宿派對 (B) 非常狗狗

      (A) 度宿派對 (B) 非常狗狗

      (A) 緋緋在家舉行紅粉公主度宿派對,但她的朋友既想念自己的家,又怕黑,不想在緋緋的家度宿。幸好,緋緋和朋友幻想有一條叫吉吉的噴射火龍保護他們。

      (B) 李先生和李太太把他們的可愛小貴婦狗冰冰交給緋緋和彼得暫時照顧,兩姊弟無比開心。但冰冰來到緋緋家裏後,顯得非常害羞,不敢跟他們玩。緋緋最初很失望,但她很快學會了從冰冰的角度來看世界。

      播放頻道: 港台電視31
      播出時間: (首播) 2020年10月11日 星期日 上午9時30分
      (網上重溫) 至 2021年10月10日 星期日

      (A) Pinkalicious hosts a Princess of Pink slumber party. But one of her friends gets home sick and isn't sure she wants to spend the night! Fortunately, Pinkalicious and friends imagine a dragon named Gertie to protect them. 

      (B) Pinkalicious is ecstatic when Mr. and Mrs. Plum let her puppy-sit Pinky, their adorable poodle. But when Pinky arrives, she's too shy to play. Pinkalicious is disappointed at first, but she soon learns to see the world from Pinky's perspective.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2020.10.11 SUN 9:30am
      (On-line Catch-up) Till 2021.10.10 SUN

    • (A) 小仙女屋 (B) 機械人緋緋與機械人彼得

      (A) 小仙女屋 (B) 機械人緋緋與機械人彼得

      (A) 緋緋同彼得搭建小仙女屋來吸引春天小仙女出現。但小仙女吵醒了鄰居,他們決定要為小仙女找一個更好的家。

      (B) 緋緋和彼得嘗試當發明家,創造了機械人美美 — 一個懂得活動、說話和執拾的機械人。但機械人美美失控,反而把家裏弄得更混亂。幸好,緋緋和彼得還有執屋的後備計劃:自己扮作機械人來執屋。

      播放頻道: 港台電視31
      播出時間: (首播) 2020年10月4日 星期日 上午9時30分
      (網上重溫) 至 2021年10月3日 星期日 

      (A) Pinkalicious and Peter build a fairy house to attract the Springtime Fairies. But when the fairies turn out to be noisy roommates, they decide it's probably best if they find the fairies a better home.

      (B) Pinkalicious and Peter try their hand at being inventors and create Robotta, a robot that can move, talk and most importantly, clean. But when Robotta malfunctions, the house becomes messier than ever. Fortunately, Pinkalicious and Peter have a backup solution to make cleaning more fun: Pretend to be robots while doing it!

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2020.10.4 SUN 9:30am
      (On-line Catch-up) Till 2021.10.3 SUN