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    主持人:Maggie 黃蔚兒、Joanne 譚綺旻



    《語妙天下》(Language Academy) 推出新一輯英語篇,選取了歷史性的演講詞,學習如何透過語言說服和打動人;另外還有Miss Maggie的實用筆記,為公開試考生加油!





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    英語篇#2 Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech - Mother Teresa

    Summary of the speech:

    - She emphasized the importance of recognizing the value and dignity of every human being, particularly those who are marginalised被忽視的/邊緣化的 and forgotten by society. She spoke about the fundamental基本的 right to life and the need to address the root causes of poverty and injustice.


    Example: We need to make fundamental changes to the way in which we treat our environment.



    - Mother Teresa's message also highlighted the power of love and compassion同情 in transforming lives and bringing about peace.


    Example: I was hoping she might show a little compassion.



    Some Important Parts of the Speech:

    - I never forget when I brought a man from the street. He was covered with maggots蛆蟲; his face was the only place that was clean. And yet that man, when we brought him to our home for the dying, he said just one sentence: I have lived like an animal in the street, but I am going to die like an angel, love and care, and he died beautifully. He went home to God, for dead is nothing but going home to God. And he having enjoyed that love, that being wanted, that being loved, that being somebody to somebody at the last moment, brought that joy in his life.


    Normally, people would just donate 捐贈things or money. Mother Teresa didn’t mind the poor conditions, and provided many voluntary service to them, she is down to earth. 不擺架子/務實的/「貼地」的


    Example: The CEO of my company is very down to earth. He has lunch with us in the canteen every day.

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    2023 - 2024

    英語篇 #10 迷信相關的英文用語

    主持人:Maggie 黃蔚兒、Joanne 譚綺旻


    Have you had a staycation recently?

    -          Are you scared of staying in a hotel room by yourself?

    -          I am scared of 鬼壓床 (Scientists and doctors would tell you that it is just ​​sleep paralysis 睡眠癱瘓).

    -          Do you believe in 迷信 (superstitions)?

    寧可信其有 不可信其無  It is better to believe that it exists than that it does not.


    -          News headline


    Chinese woman detained after another ‘lucky coin toss’ at aircraft engine

    The woman threw half a dozen coins at the engine before the flight between the Inner Mongolian cities of Hohhot and Chifeng. The service was due to take off soon after 8am but was delayed by more than two hours as staff searched for the coins and moved the remaining passengers to another aircraft. All of the coins were recovered.

    What makes people superstitious?

                (A scientific explanation from a medical website)

    Superstitions have two main causes: cultural tradition 文化傳統  and individual experiences. If you grew up steeped in the superstitions of a particular culture or religion, you may carry these beliefs forward, even subconsciously 潛意識地.

    Chinese festivals such as 鬼節 Ghost Festival and Qingming Festival 清明節

    -          People burn joss paper (紙錢) and other joss paper products.

    -          Do you believe the deceased (已去世的人)would really receive them?

    Feng Shui 風水

    -          Many westerners believe in feng shui.

    -          My friend, who just bought a tiny apartment that looked like a flat that had been murdered in (凶宅) or a haunted flat (鬼屋) at first in Quarry Bay hired a feng shui master (風水師傅) to look over the layout.

    -          There was an abandoned house (廢棄的房子) near my old high school. It looked creepy (怪異可怕的、詭異).

    Numbers That Would Give You Bad Luck

    -          A lot of western superstitions have got to do with the Bible. 

    -          666 - the devil's number in the bible.

    -          Similar to 4 in Chinese for death and obviously 8 for good, but Chinese is just a play on sounds rather than meaning.

    -          Why is Friday the 13th Unlucky?

    According to biblical (有關《聖經》的)  tradition, 13 guests attended the Last Supper, held on Maundy Thursday, including Jesus and his 12 apostles (one of whom, Judas, betrayed him). The next day, of course, was Good Friday, the day of Jesus’ crucifixion.

    Some buildings would not have a 13th floor.

    Let’s guess. Do you think these are true superstitions? And why?

    -          Walking Under a Ladder

    This could be an old wives’ tale (無稽之談/ 不科學的陳腐說法/ 老太太的故事)  to protect people from getting hurt. But it’s actually from back in the day, when they used to hang people and if you walked under the ladder, you would be walking directly under the dead person’s body.

    -          Smell Your Own Feet

    -          Breaking a Mirror

    Another one with an ancient history here! Some people believe that breaking a mirror is meant to give you 7 years of bad luck. This harks back to the Roman times, when they believed that mirrors were a portal to the soul, and breaking one would damage the soul, which couldn't be amended until life renewed itself, which was believed to be every seven years.

    -          Knocking on Wood

    Knock on wood. / Touch wood. (The internet says they are both the same. “Knock on wood” is more of an American saying.)

    Most common western superstition/ Celtic beliefs that spirits resided in tress and be called upon for protection.


    07/08/2022 - 足本 Full (HKT 20:04 - 20:35)