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    A fast moving and topical business and finance show bringing you breaking business and economic news and financial market updates. Presented by former CEO and investment bank global trading head Peter Lewis, with over 30 years' industry experience. Join Peter and his expert guests for analysis and discussion on the day's top business stories live from 8 a.m. to 8.30 a.m. every weekday morning on RTHK Radio 3. We have a podcast to download after the show and you can also listen through the RTHK Radio 3 website live or later in the day. We welcome your questions, comments and feedback to read out in the show. You can email us at moneytalk@rthk.hk, post on our Facebook page "Money Talk on RTHK Radio 3 " or find us on twitter "MoneytalkR3") .



    Business and Market Discussions / Monday Debate : Discrimination

    China’s two largest stock exchanges in Shanghai and Shenzhen said over the weekend that they would not expand the stock connect scheme with Hong Kong to include companies with different voting right structures. That means mainland investors won't be able to invest in Xiaomi which made its debut in Hong Kong last week.

    China’s monthly trade surplus with the US hit a record high in June. US aerospace and defence giant Boeing has become the latest company to warn about the potential damage from the growing US-China trade row. Chief executive Dennis Muilenburg said, "Aerospace thrives on free and open trade," and said he was concerned tariffs could push up supply-chain costs for aircraft manufacturers.

    Donald Trump said the European Union was one of the biggest foes of the United States for what they do on trade. He also said Russia and China were on his list of enemies in a competitive sense.

    President Trump has switched tack on Brexit in an effort to repair ties with the UK. At a news conference with Prime Theresa May, he reversed his previous position that the Brexit plan would probably kill a bilateral trade deal between London and Washington saying that he was optimistic about Brexit and the UK and US could grow their trading relationship.

    On today’s Money Talk we’re joined by Nitin Dialdas of Mandarin Capital and Edward Tse from Gao Feng Advisory. After 8:30, our Monday debate this week focuses on the impact of discrimination in the workplace. Joining the panel are Fern Ngai, CEO of Community Business, Peter Reading, Legal Counsel at the Equal Opportunities Commission and Steven Xavier Chan from the Board of Governors of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.


    16/07/2018 - 足本 Full (HKT 08:03 - 09:00)

    16/07/2018 - 8:08 Business and Market Discussion

    Nitin Dialdas, Chief Investment Officer at Mandarin Capital, says that the exclusion of Xiaomi from the HK Shanghai Stock Connect trading link could be because the company pulled out of its planned mainland listing.

    Edward Tse, Founder and CEO of Gao Feng Advisory, comments that US tariffs are disrupting the global supply chain.

    16/07/2018 - 8:34 Monday Debate : Discrimination

    Fern Ngai, CEO of Community Business, points out that companies need to create a talent pipeline so that women can advance to senior positions and businesses can then take advantage to this huge talent pool.

    Peter Reading, Legal Counsel from the Equal Opportunities Commission, says government policy areas are focused on heterosexual relationship and the EOC calls for the government to consider reforming anti-discrimination laws and provide legal recognition for same-sex couples.

    Steven Xavier Chan, Former Chair of Hong Kong LGBT+ Interbank Forum, points out that a lack of policies in promoting diversity within local companies impedes business, innovation and recruitment.




    Nitin Dialdas (top right) of Mandarin Capital, Edward Tse (top left) from Gao Feng Advisory, Fern Ngai (middle right), CEO of Community Business, Peter Reading (bottom right) of the EOC, Steven Xavier Chan (bottom left) from the AmCham Hong Kong


    Kenny Wen (top left) from Everbright Sun Hung Kai, Ronald Wan (top right) of Partners Financial Holdings, Alex Gadotti (bottom right), CEO of e-commerce platform Zwoop, and RTHK’s sports presenter Atom Cheung (bottom left)


    Personal Wealth Adviser Enzio von Pfeil (left), Rob Koepp (second left) from The Economist Corporate Network, Maurice Lu (right) of Sinopac Futures in Taiwan, and Eric Berti (second right), Consul General of France in Hong Kong & Macau


    Jeff Streeter, Director of the British Council in Hong Kong


    Max Teh (left), Chairman of innovative company Zapzapmath, and its Co-Founder Adam Goh (right); Genecia Alluora (middle), Founder of Soul Rich Woman


    Kenneth Leung (right), Legislator representing the Accountancy Functional Constituency, and Ayesha Lau (left), Managing Partner for Hong Kong at KPMG China

    Business & Market Discussions / View from Australia / Lan Kwai Fong Group / Entrepreneur: HoHoLife

    主持人:Peter Lewis

    President Donald Trump has escalated his rhetoric on North Korea saying his statements may not have been “tough enough.” Pyongyang says it will have plans for a missile strike near Guam ready in a matter of days. Shares on Wall Street and around the world have fallen sharply in response to the rising geopolitical tensions. The dollar has also dropped and gold has jumped higher.

    Facebook is to launch a new video service called Facebook Watch. It will allow users to personalise their viewing based on what their friends are watching and Facebook will also produce its own original content.

    China has hit back at a preliminary US judgement that Chinese aluminium foil producers received subsidies of between 17 to 81%. Beijing says the allegations are “groundless” and it could damage economic relations.

    We have a programme packed with CEO’s. Joining today’s Money Talk to review the local markets are Francis Lun, CEO of GEO Securities and Sam Faveur, CEO of Mandarin Capital. Toby Lawson, CEO of Societe Generale Securities in Sydney provides his regular Friday view from down under. After 8:30, Jonathan Zeman CEO of Lan Kwai Fong Group discusses the latest trends in HK’s leisure & entertainment sector. Finally, in our Friday entrepreneurs segment, we meet Aries Lee, founder of HoHoLife whose lifestyle store provides products to improve the quality of life for the elderly. (8am-9am, email to moneytalk@rthk.hk)


    11/08/2017 - 足本 Full (HKT 08:03 - 09:00)

    11/08/2017 - 08:08 Business and Market Discussions

    Francis Lun, CEO of GEO Securities expects that the market resistance level will be 28,000 for the next few months.

    Samuel Faveur, CEO and founder of Mandarin Capital expects to see continuing weakness in the Hong Kong dollar as balance sheets are unwound.

    11/08/2017 - 08:22 View from Australia

    Toby Lawson, CEO of Societe Generale Securities Australia, says investors should not panic over the sharp pick-up in market volatility.

    11/08/2017 - 08:33 Lan Kwai Fong Group

    Jonathan Zeman, CEO of Lan Kwai Fong Group talked about the latest trends in the leisure and entertainment market and the plans to expand Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong.

    11/08/2017 - 08:45 Entrepreneur: HoHoLife

    Aries Lee, Founder and Elis Siu, Managing Director of HoHoLife talked about their silver age lifestyle store and the consumption habits of seniors in Hong Kong.

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