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Good Ol' Country The best in real-deal American country music show by Michael Lance

    Good Ol' Country



    Presenter:Michael Lance

    This coming Saturday afternoon at 12.05, join us for a brand new programme; “Good Ol' Country”. For the first time in nearly  20 years Radio 3 brings you the best in real-deal American country music. We’re very excited to welcome its host too, who apart from being one quarter of the amazing Metro Vocal Group, has lived and breathed country music since he was small. Michael Lance was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, and raised on beef, corn, and potatoes. At a young age, he travelled North America in his family’s Country and Western band, and developed a love for those great story driven songs sung by some of the greatest story tellers of all time. Music has always been in his blood, literally, and he hopes his selection will make you stand up, find a partner, and dance the two-step to some....Good Ol' Country.
    (Every Saturday, 12pm-1pm, Facebook: @nebraskamike)