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    Radio 3 at The Sevens



    Presenter:The Radio 3 Wanderers

    The Hong Kong Rugby Sevens is back, and throughout this coming weekend, from Friday afternoon, Radio 3 will be broadcasting the colour, action, and music, 'live'. Steve James will be with you, live from the Hong Kong Stadium, for his 2-5pm session. On Saturday Carolyn Wright will be reporting live for Luisa Tam. Between 12 and 6pm our team of James Ross, Steve James, and Alyson Hau, will be sharing the airwaves with your regular hosts, Michael Lance and Andy Dembina. On Sunday morning The Pop Fugitives will be coming to you live from the stadium between 9am and 1pm. James Ross and Todd Harding will be with you throughout the afternoon, until 4pm, when Peter King will take the reins, as we move closer to the 2023 Hong Kong Rugby Sevens final. The live rugby action will be called for Radio 3 by Mike Weeks, Rowan Varty, and Richard Cooke.