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    主持人:Pierre Tremblay

    Explore music from around the world, with presenter Pierre Tremblay. Each week he introduces a unique mix of sounds, musical styles and languages. Whether traditional or contemporary, familiar or unusual, the selections you'll hear will always be captivating.

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    Bermuda EP & Fullum LP & New Hits !

    This week World Vibes offers a veritable Smorgasborg of New Music ! With a Featured FunkPop EPfrom Bermuda (Ireland-Canada), a Featured PsychRock Album from trio Fullum (Canada) along with a new selection of Hot New Hits in the mix from a lot of other places on the planet ! Click on 'World Vibes' above for more details.

    Our first hour starts with our first new hit from LGBT icon Hoshi (France), a first track from our Featured Debut EP 'Bermuda' from Bermuda born and now Sherbrooke based Bermuda (Canada), and in between more EnergyFunkPop hits from our EP, we hear new sounds from sons of Gilberto Gil as trio Gilsons (Brazil), Salzburg born LovePop star Mathea (Austria), 'all cuz of lack of love' hit from Futuro Pelo (France), HipHop with teeth from Switzerland based Miss KT Gorique (Ivory Coast-Italy), and after one last 'boy catcher' track from our featured EP, we end the first hour with a new creation from Reims based Ian Caulfield (France). New sights and new visions in music, enjoy !
    Our second hour starts with a new creation from Senegal born Morna diva Mariana Ramos (Cape Verde), then our first track from our Featured PsychPunkRock Album 'Viêtnam' from Montréal based trio Fullum (Canada), and in between more tracks from our featured Rock album, we hear more new sounds from MeToo# inspired Joana (France), CreoleRacine meets CajunFolk with Lakou Mizik ft Leyla McCalla (Haiti-USA), love could be in South America with Singapore born Baby K (Italy), a sunny hit hot off a movie soundtrack from Laura Cahen (France), eternal moments forever lost from Fred Labrie (Canada), and after the title track from our featured album we end the hour and the show with an incredible love balad from award winning writer-singer Keren Ann (Israel-France). Hot new inspirations and expressions, enjoy !

    04/04/2020 - 足本 Full (HKT 13:10 - 15:00)

    第一部份 Part 1 (HKT 13:10 - 14:00)

    第二部份 Part 2 (HKT 14:05 - 15:00)


    02 - 04


    Bermuda in bloom. Photo by Dominic Lachance


    Movie director, actress and one half of Cadavre Exquis, Viola von Scarpatetti, 2013. Photo by StephanieAdi


    Camélia Jordana at the 'Globes de cristal' ceremony, 2018. Photo by Georges Biard


    Natti Natasha backstage at tv, 2018. Photo by Cmoro005


    Diva Mamani Keïta with Les Amazones d'Afrique live at the Festival du bout du monde, France, 2016. Photo by Thesupermat


    Zucchero live in Denmark, 2007. Photo by Danielle dk


    'Diablada' parade from the Oruro Carnaval, Bolivia in 2001. Photo by CassandraW1


    JuJu live at Splash! Festival 2017. Photo by Nicolas Völcker


    J-Ax at Lucca Comics & Games Italy, 2016. Photo by Niccolò Caranti


    Renaud live at the 'Festival des vieilles charrues', 2017. Photo by Thesupermat
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