For the past 20 years, the world has seen an alarming decrease in IQ and a rise of autism and behavioral disorders. A international scientific investigation reveals how chemicals in objects surrounding us disrupt the endocrine system in our body, and in turn affect our brain, and especially those of fetuses. How can we stop this worrying trend?

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    • 蟲蟲大搜查




      Welcome to the biome inside your home: a world of insects and spiders as rich, as surprising, and as beautiful as any other ecosystem. Every corner is a potential lair, every carpet a dense forest, and the wide spaces of your kitchen, an open savannah where food is abundant. Many creatures will be safe and sound in your home. But if you decide to set them free outside, you may in fact be dooming them to death in a world they have never known. Entomologists will investigate what they really are, how they have adapted to live with us, and how our lives intersect.

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    • 隱形殺手之超級細菌




      Hundreds of thousands of people die annually, due to multi-resistant germs - bacteria, which are no longer challenged by the use of many antibiotics. Experts and politicians from all corners of the world warn of the looming catastrophe: multi-resistant pathogens are currently the most major risk faced by modern medicine. Millions of people will die without effective antibiotics, of illnesses that have long been considered eradicated. This documentary shows however, that of all people, it is the manufacturers of vital medication that contribute to the development and global propagation of extremely resistant germs and that not even their own resources have any effect on them.

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    • 幽靈血管




      99% of human blood vessels are said to be capillaries. With age, these tiny tubules break, becoming hollow "ghost" vessels that cause wrinkles in the skin. Scientists are now finding they are also tied to a higher risk of age-related ailments, including osteoporosis and Alzheimer's disease. Using advanced biological imaging techniques, this program delves into the mechanism behind broken capillaries. It also examines how to slow down or even repair the damage to help people live longer, healthier lives.

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    • 大地的想像




      The earth nurtures everything. Not only is food harvested from the soil, power can also be generated by our land - more specifically, by the thermal energy in it; even bacteria of plants can do the trick. Some other scientists are recently using land to turn CO2 into rocks. In Romania, an underground salt mine is turned into a recreational space, in which the salty air is said to be beneficial to our health. What other unexpected uses does the earth have?

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    • 風的想像



      We all know what wind power is, but do you know typhoons could generate power too? It is estimated that the energy of typhoons, if harnessed, could provide electricity for half of the world. But first we would need wind turbines that would not be destroyed by strong winds. Engineers are designing turbines without blades – how does that work? Some others are trying to turn balloons into a means of transporting goods and conducting scientific research. What are the other possibilities that lie in the movement of air?

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    • 太陽的想像



      As clean and inexhaustible as solar energy is, it only represents less than 2% of global power generation. To make better use of this resource, some engineers are trying to put solar panels on the ground, instead of the roofs. Does it work? Some others try to fly to the sky and sail around the world; some even melt the sand and turn it into glass products and construction materials – all depending on just the power of the sun.

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    • 夢中見



      It is one of the big mysteries of humanity: almost every night we dream, but why? Are dreams a window into our unconsciousness or a rational product of our sleeping brain? Why do some of us have nightmares, or even recurring nightmares? Now, a simple but effective way has been found to rid people of nightmares. What is this cure?

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    • AI:一切從深度學習開始



      Deep Learning is a radical and recent revolution from engineering. It allows artificial intelligence to better analyse and interpret large volumes of data. Now, AI has already out-performed humans in many applications. The next step would be equipping AI with a consciousness and a general understanding of the world. But, would the development of full AI spell the end of human race, as Stephen Hawking predicted?

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    • 狂沙風暴




      Dam-building projects along with other human behavior are contributing to the problem of desertification and a consequent increase in dust storms. This documentary, which was filmed partly in the Middle East, one of the regions worst affected by dust storms, reveals the causes and effects of this natural phenomenon. We will also see how vast clouds of Saharan dust blow across the Atlantic and affect Florida’s coral reefs; and how can scientists predict dust storms with a supercomputer, and help farmers to farm in dry areas.

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    • 基因革命CRISPR

      CRISPR 是基因實驗室研發的新工具,可以讓科學家極精準地改變任何生物的遺傳物質。科研人員正在用CRISPR 來研究不治之症的療法,亦有農業公司正在研發出新的植物品種,令它們擁有抗蟲等特質。同時,訂製嬰兒的出現亦變得指日可待。究竟我們應該容許醫學及農業走得多遠?


      CRISPR is a new tool in the gene laboratory which allows scientists to change the genetic material of all living organisms with great precision. Researchers are using CRISPR to develop therapies for incurable diseases. Agriculture companies have created plants with new characteristics, like resistance to pests. Meanwhile, designer babies are suddenly within reach. How far should medicine or agriculture be allowed to go?

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