《希特拉的幫兇》紀錄片系列會重新審視為何生活在歐洲先進文明社會的人會成為有史以來最殘暴政權的領導者,發動起一場導致6,000多萬人死亡的戰爭。 電影製片人占士•艾利斯走訪問了這些主要納粹領導人成長的村莊和城鎮,以及他們策劃最嚴重暴行的地點,並與年輕的歷史學家會面,探討他們如何將普通的德國人變成大屠殺之冷血殺手。 隨著時日消逝,千禧一代對第三帝國的了解不多,而《希特拉的幫兇》探討了現今自由社會中受人尊敬的公民是如何被政治宣傳所操縱。現在是時候讓新一代人深入認識第三帝國的一些關鍵人物,了解箇中事件的來龍去脈,並確保歷史教訓永不會被人遺忘。

    “Hitler’s Most Wanted” takes a fresh look at how and why a generation of men and women living in a cultured, European society became the leaders of one of the most barbaric regimes of all time, responsible for starting a war that killed more than 60 million people.

    Visiting the villages and towns where these elite Nazi leaders grew up, as well as the sites of their worst atrocities, filmmaker James Ellis meets with young historians to explore the defining moments which transformed everyday Germans into mass murderers.

    As knowledge of the origins of the Third Reich recedes amongst millennial, “Hitler’s Most Wanted” examines how respectable citizens in a free society were manipulated by propaganda. Now it’s time for a new generation to scrutinize some of the key personalities of the Third Reich to determine what happened and ensure that the lessons of history never be forgotten.

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