Vanessa cardui, better known as the Painted Lady, is a very common butterfly in Europe in spring and summer. Very common, yet exceptional!

    We lift the veil on the mysteries of this long-haul traveler. A butterfly that engages in one of the longest insect migrations ever recorded.

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    • 邁進未來:人體菌群




      To create a disease-free world, scientists are pushing the envelope in every conceivable corner. This episode features the most cutting-edge scientists out there—including Nobel-prize winners—who are harnessing the power of what’s called “The Microbiome.” The Microbiome is the full array of the trillions of microorganisms that live in or on the human body, which help it function. By understanding the Microbiome as a kind of ecosystem, scientists are using innovative techniques to discern the microbes’ various functions in the body as a whole.

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    • 又關性別事?




      For years it’s been thought lifestyle was to blame but this film reveals how the latest research, suggests it’s not all down to lifestyle but to sex.  It turns out women are the fitter sex. But they are also let down by medicine and the wider society, thanks to a dangerous gender data gap which is costing lives.

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    • 夜失眠



      Our nights have become increasingly short – and our sleep has gradually become worse. Everywhere, researchers have joined forces to understand sleep and overcome its disorders. Beyond making us tired and irritable, sleeping badly also jeopardizes our health – it has been proven by now. So how do we find our way back into Morpheus’ arms? From blue light to siesta, research has not snoozed on the way there.

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    • 火星任務



      Follow along as NASA launches the Mars 2020 Mission, perhaps the most ambitious hunt ever for signs of life on Mars. For the first time, in February 2021, a rover attempts a risky landing in Jezero Crater, the coveted site of an ancient river delta that scientists believe once held all the ingredients for life. If the rover, called Perseverance, finds signs of life from an age when Mars was a watery planet like Earth, it could mean life is more likely to exist elsewhere in the solar system--and beyond. But getting to Jezero isn’t easy, as the crater’s boulders and cliffs make it a dangerous place to land. The spacecraft reaches Mars’ atmosphere traveling at over 12,000 miles per hour and has a few minutes to execute an elaborate descent maneuver and lower the car-sized rover to the surface in just the right spot. If successful, Perseverance will comb the area and collect samples for possible return to Earth. Traveling onboard Perseverance is a four-pound helicopter that will conduct a series of test flights--the first on another planet. During its journey, Perseverance will also test technology designed to produce oxygen from the Martian atmosphere, in hopes that the gas could be used for fuel--or for humans to breathe--on future missions.

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    • 樹的秘密



      Trees, these earthly giants, far from being mere static and lonely plants, actually feel a wide range of emotions. They are sensitive to pain, selfless towards the weaker trees, and capable of memorizing data and sharing it with other trees. In light of the latest discoveries from the botanical, forest ecology and "plant neurobiology” worlds, we are invited to enter the realm of these mysterious ecosystems and their wonderful treasures which we are only now just starting to understand.

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    • 不死秘技



      Living beings have a very variable lifespan; it can be centuries, years or just a few days but all eventually face extinction. Yet there are animals that defy both death and time. They are called tardigrade, lobster, naked rat-taupe and possess real superpowers that enable them to fight disease and aging. In trying to unravel their mystery a question arises: do they have the secret of eternal life?

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    • 表觀遺傳學



      We are more than the sum of our genes. Environmental influences such as nutrition, trauma, illness or lifestyle are able to switch certain genes on or off. Scientists compare these new findings with the image of a piano: the strings and keys represent the genes, but the melody of life only sounds when the keys are struck. Thus, the findings of epigenetics overturn a long-held dogma of biology: the idea that the properties of an organism are immutably determined by inherited genetic matter.

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    • 解構魔術


      魔術師Julie Eng的魔術令我們摸不著頭腦,她還會帶我們到蒙特利爾麥基爾大學,認識謝伊.奧爾遜,後者正用啤牌魔術研究意識,他會利用上一部似乎不僅懂得讀心術,還會操控思想的磁力共振儀器。






      Our film follows researchers who are bringing magicians’ tricks into the laboratory. With impossible magic, amazing facts, and opportunities for viewers to participate in the magic tricks, this extraordinary exploration peeks behind the curtain into a fascinating world where ancient magic meets modern science. 

      Magician Julie Eng not only mystifies us with magic, she also takes us to Montreal’s McGill University to meet Jay Olson who is using card tricks to study consciousness. His research also includes an MRI machine that can apparently not only read minds, but also manipulate thoughts. 

      In the US we meet with professor Anthony Barnhart. He’s a magician turned scientist who is using magic principles to investigate why we sometimes don’t see what’s right under our noses. We also meet Professor Amory Danek who is using the conjuror’s craft to study creativity and problem solving.

      Professor Ronald Rensink at the University of British Columbia discovered how small distractions can blind drivers to obvious dangers. These studies naturally led him to work with magicians to explore possible new experiments.

      In London England Gustav Kuhn conducts a study that tracks the eye movements of the magician’s audience. We see tricks that fool us despite nothing actually happening, as well as demonstrations that reveal we can be blind even to our own choices. 

      Colourful and compelling, our film takes a critical and engaging look at the fascinating facts revealed when you see the human mind through the eyes of a magician.

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    • 飲食科學



      Our understanding of a healthy diet is based on outdated science and questionable advice. Recent findings are fundamentally changing the way we think about food. Individual nutrients like fats, carbohydrates and proteins are no longer the key. From a street market in Brazil to a donut shop in Boston, we reveal the surprising truth of dietary science.

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    • 免疫系統與新冠病毒



      The immune system is a highly sophisticated mechanism, the most advanced to have evolved in all our bodies' complex networks. But this precision network is now fighting an uphill battle against a new formidable enemy -- SARS-Cov2. This novel coronavirus surreptitiously slips through the body's myriad lines of defense, spreading unnoticed until the symptoms become suddenly aggravated. How can we cope with this tricky foe? Through the high-tech "eyes" of next-generation microscope imagery, the program delves into how our defense corps combats against pathogens as well as sheds light on new important findings about the shrewd characteristics of the virus that causes COVID-19. Also, we discover the mechanism that holds the key in helping to develop vaccines and treatment.

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