監製:Brian Fung

“Everyday Design”

“Design is a virtue,” said Kenya HARA, a Japanese designer.

Design products are neither “commodities” nor “trendy items”, they shall be approachable same as a designer which is not an unusual profession. Design should be a virtue, such as social ethics and manners that everyone can talk about with ease, which exists in our daily lives and effects everyone silently.

Modern people are accustomed to the globalised consumption patterns in line with the uniform standards set by big enterprises, thus dwindles the room of survival for small-medium sized regional products, hence the decline of the exclusive regional craftsmanship and cultures. In this light, are there any brilliant designs in Hong Kong that only belong to us?

In “Everyday Design”, a myriad of design products from every nook and cranny of the city will be explored under different themes in pursuit of excellent designs.

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