2019年是古巴革命勝利60年,一連兩集的紀錄片系列《卡斯特羅與古巴革命》,訪問了古巴人,俄羅斯人和美國人,透過不同角度,前所未有地揭示古巴的歷史。 在這加勒比海這小小島國,卡斯特羅和他的追隨者以無比的戰鬥力改變了世界,實在令人意想不到。卡斯特羅派遣部隊與非洲左翼革命者並肩作戰,並利用軟實力影響拉丁美洲其他的政權,借用卡斯特羅的話:「古巴是一個小國,表現得好像擁有大國的資源一樣」。而他就用了三十多年時間,設法擺脫這小國的形象。

    For 60 years, Fidel Castro was a thorn in the side of USA and a symbol of anti-imperialist struggle. Castro and his compatriots played a prominent role on the international stage and contributed to changing the world. Award-winning producers Temps Noir (Cuba, an African Odyssey, Africa, history of a continent) and Brook Lapping (Obama Years, Putin, Russia and the West, Iran and the West) have put their talents together to produce a fascinating insider account of 60 years of Cuba’s history and its place in the world. Castro and his team changed the world in a way that was inconceivable for a mere Island in the Caribbean. By sending troops to fight alongside left--‐wing revolutionaries in Africa, and using soft power to influence other regimes in Latin America, Cuba–in Fidel’s words–"was a small country which behaved as if it had the resources of a great power". Moreover, he managed to get away with it for more than three decades. For the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution in 2019, with views from every side–the Cubans, the Russians, the Americans and the rest – this film will reveal the history of Cuba as never before.



    《卡斯特羅與古巴革命》 12月31日起 逢星期二晚9:30 港台電視31首播

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