監製:Li Yiu Ming

Combining the use of television footage and computer animation techniques, coupled with historic landmarks and architecture, the documentary series “ The History of Hong Kong ” , was produced through a “ reconstructive ” approach to visually recompile many significant historic moments. Riding on the backdrop of Hong Kong people ’ s unique sentiment and perspectives, the history from the time of the British takeover in 1841 up to the World War II were highlighted in the programme.

To present a comprehensive view in analyzing the stated historical period, the programme had invited many knowledgeable historians for interviews, together with making use of various priceless historical materials. All have contributed to give dimensions and life to the respective historic segments on screen. Through the television medium ’ s power to inspire, the programme invites the audience to witness how Hong Kong, being situated amidst Eastern and Western cultures and political forces, has fought itself forward gallantly for more than a century to recast its destiny.

The programme will be broadcast every Wednesday from 18 November 2009, at 1855 on ATV World Channel.

Programme Advisors:
Dr. TING Sun-pao, Joseph
Prof. LO Wai-luen
Dr. LAU Chi-pang

Sponsor: The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

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