Stories of "post-80s" on dream pursuing



    監製:Tang Man Mei May

    This season of Hong Kong Stories is about youngsters from the “post-80s” generation, in particular, those under 30, and their entrepreneurial dreams.

    The age of 18 is when the public examinations take place. It is also the dividing line between adolescence and adulthood.

    Despite the fact that we understand “learning is more important than scoring”, many Hong Kong parents dream of their children excelling in academia. However, the time for them to truly shine is after they leave school. It is not until they write this new chapter of their lives through exploration and diligence that they understand hard work is a requirement for success.

    On the other hand, many secondary school graduates applying for various tertiary institutions may still not fully understand their own selves. Some ultimately muster up the courage to start their own businesses, and whether they succeed or not, the process enables them to accumulate life experience and embark on a journey of soul searching.

    Pursuing one’s dreams whilst still young might be impractical, but being adolescents, they can still afford to lose.

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