非洲的斯瓦希里語中,Safari意指「旅行」。在考古動物學家Perrine Crosmary的帶領下,節目會穿越乾旱的平原和森林,沿着沼澤及河流,運用各種追蹤野生動物技巧訪尋牠們的蹤影,細看各種動物的活動情況。

    The Swahili word “safari” means “journey”. To truly experiment the magic of a safari Perrine Crosmary, archeozoologist and safari guide, will escort us throughout the most exclusive wildlife on Earth. The sensation of experiencing a “live” safari is supported by a soundtrack that favors the sounds of nature and the Perrine live comments. In addition, a multi-camera device (two onboard and two 4K mobile cameras) will enhance the impression of being in immersion with nature.

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